Floratape is the original self-sealing stem wrap for finishingcorsage and wedding bouquet stems, floral novelties, and silk or dried flowersand can provide a neutral or colorful finishing touch to creative and originalfloral work.<br>This tape has a crepe paper base which has been impregnated witha blend of proprietary waxes and polyolefins to give it its unique propertiesand characteristics. <br>Floratape should not be confused with FloristParafilm, or Parafilm Florist Stem Wrap which does not have a crepe paperbase but which is pure 100 hydrocarbons, a mixture of a proprietary wax and apolyolefin resin.Floratape stem wrap is economical, strong and easy to use and itallows the designer to create high-quality and creative floral work.<br>Outstanding features<br/>: Excellent stretch means you use less tape Superior adhesion means it sticks to itself and the flower stem when stretched Floratape stem wrap does not stick to your fingers Colorfast, it will not bleed when damp or wet flowers are assembled Fine textured and smooth surface creates a natural appearance and high quality

Product Features

  • Dimensions: 90'L × ½"W (1/2" by 30 yards)
  • The adhesives in the tape are released when stretched, allowing you to attach crepe paper petals and leaves to your stem wire.
  • Perfect for Handmade Flower Stem, Corsage Stamen, Wedding Bouquet Wrapped, DIY Craft Making Accessory Bouquets & Boutonnieres
  • The product itself has the toughness and viscous,please kindly note it need stretch before use it.
  • Easy to tear, easy to use

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