SuperMoss Royal Pool Moss is characterized by its long vibrant green waves that contrast against its speckled brown bristles. Pool Moss looks great displayed by itself because of its unique look and natural form. It has round and stylish tufts that give the product its lovely lavish features. By way of its naturally expressive colors, Pool Moss adds an elegant quality anywhere you choose. Pool Moss is one of our most uncommon finds and has been a top seller since its introduction. Available in SuperMoss retail packaging or in bulk quantities.

Product Features

  • Long-lasting Preserved Moss!
  • Large-sized clumps of real moss
  • Washed and Cleaned to Remove Dust and Small Particles
  • Ideal for Covering Soil and Dressing Potted Plants
  • Great for Special Events, Home Decor and Craft Projects

Average: 2.8/5 Stars | Total Reviews: 5

Our Score: 21

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