Real Rattan inside-<br> Look to the Moss Basket for the perfect way to decoration your favorite home & garden,wedding decoration,outdoor party etc. <br><br>This preserved grass Beautiful Green Moss Basket have a very traditional look, decor with fake grass and flower that can be made to your specifications. <br><br> They also make a lovely gift for any occasion and because there is such huge choice of designs <br><br> Suggestion for use: Hostess gift<br> Party favor<br> Name card holder<br> Centerpiece<br> Bridesmaid bouquet<br> Garden Planter<br>

Product Features

  • Ideal for floral arrangements
  • Comes with liner for planting live plants
  • Great for Special Events, Weddings, Mother's Day Gifts, and parties
  • Large 8.27"L x 5.12" W x 8.66" H x 4.72" Deep ** Medium 7.09"L x 4.33" W x 7.11" H x 3.94" Deep
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