Can be used to stick to slime and make that crunchy noise.</br> Colorful styrofoam balls DIY accessories for children adult</br> Recyclable Styrofoam is the perfect base for all floral and craft projects</br> Perfect for kids or adult craft, lightweight and buoyant, yet sturdy, bright color and difficult to crush</br> Smooth foam, Less flaky and More Affordable than Styrofoam</br></br> <b>Fast ships from Amazon warehouse.</b></br> <b>Teenitor Brand Products.</b>

Product Features

  • DECENT AMOUNT: You will receive a decent amount of foam beads, enough for making your slime crunchy.
  • PERFECT SIZE : The foam beads are a perfect size, 0.1-0.18 Inch, not too big and not too small.
  • ASSORTED COLORS: The foam colors don't bleed into your slime making an ugly brown color
  • EASY STICKING TO SLIME : They don't fall out of slime easily.
  • FAST SHIPPING : eligible for Amazon Prime

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Our Score: 320

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